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Alhabib provides muslims across the internet with various web services and apps. Here you can find greeting cards for various islamic events, islamic calendar and clock widgets that you can display on your blogs or desktop. There is a muslim prayer times generator for any places in the world as well as qibla direction pointer. And, how about printing your own free islamic wall calendar with references to important islamic events?

Islamic Calendar Today

Wednesday, 17 Jul 2024 CE

Hijri date: 11 Muharram 1446 AH

Start of islamic month: Sunday, 07 Jul 2024 CE
Moon's conjunction: 05 Jul 2024, 22:57 UT

Prayer Times for Ramadan 1446 AH

Create prayer timetables (sehri timetables, imsakiyah, breaking fast) for Ramadan 1446 AH (2024 CE) and download as PDF or Excel. You can also customize the start and end dates of the ramadan.

Prayer Times

Create and display your own prayer time tables. Prayer times for any location can also be downloaded as PDF and Excel.

Greeting Card

Electronic greeting cards available for islamic festivals and events such as: eids, ramadan, hajj, and hijri new year.

Islamic Calendar

Find out today's date in the islamic calendar and convert between gregorian and hijri dates for any date.

Qibla Pointer

Are you sure that you face the right direction when doing prayer? Find out your qibla direction wherever you are.

Islamic Clock

A collection of small widgets for your website showing current clock with islamic ornaments.

Alhabib Blog

All the news, announcement and articles related to this website's theme and services.