Islamic Web Clock Widgets

Below is a collection of free web clock widgets (small blog applications) that you can put and display on your blogs or websites. The widgets are SVG-based showing analog or digital clocks and can be embedded in many open social or community websites like Blogger, Blogspot, Wordpress, Typepad, Netvibes and more. With some javascript codes underlining, these are the ultimate source for islamic accessories for your blog because of their beautiful, artistic and stylish designs.

Browse and choose the design that you like. Most of the islamic web clock widgets below are customizable. You can set the size and look or color of the clocks to match the layout of your blogs or websites.

Older Flash-based Islamic Clock Widgets

Our previous collection of clock widgets were based on Flash-technology. These widgets are now deprecated because they are not automatically supported by newer, modern browsers due to security concern.

We are gradually migrating the flash-based clock widgets to SVG/Javascript widgets that are widely supported by modern internet browsers. But, if you still want to use the older widgets, they are available here.