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Below you will find a table of the yearly islamic calendars for the years around the current year of 2024. They are available in two versions: the Umm-ul-Qura Calendar (which is used as civil islamic calendar in Saudi Arabia) and the Global Islamic Calendar which is based on sighting probability of crescent moon globally.

The two versions of the islamic calendar mostly has the same dates, but sometimes they differ on the length of certain hijri months.
Islamic Calendars for last, current, and next years
Islamic Calendar based on Ummul Qura, Saudi Arabia Islamic Calendar based on Global Sighting of the Crescent Moon (Hilal)
Ummul Qura Calendar 2023 Global Islamic Calendar 2023
Ummul Qura Calendar 2024 Global Islamic Calendar 2024
Ummul Qura Calendar 2025 Global Islamic Calendar 2025

India Hijri Calendar

We now offer you a local version of the islamic calendar for India. It is based on local moon sighting reports and prediction for India.

Today's Date in Hijri Calendar

Have a quick look of the current date in islamic calendar and an overview of the current islamic month.

Islamic Calendar Converter

Use this islamic calendar tool to find out the islamic hijri dates from any gregorian or chritian era dates.


HilalMap is an online tool to generate and display hilal or crescent moon visibility map for given days at the starts of the islamic hijri months It produces a map of the world with color-coded shaded regions indicating the various degree of possibility in sighting the crescent moon. The HilalMap therefore, is a useful visual tool to quickly gauge if the crescent moon will be visible in the evening from a given location on earth. It can also be used as a guide to make lunar calendar or moon-sighting based islamic calendar.

List of Important Dates in Hijri Calendar

Take a look of this comprehesive list of important dates and events as well as islamic holidays for the current year and the future. Don't miss any islamic event by using this list as your reference.

Islamic Calendar Widgets