Qibla Pointer: Guide to Qibla Direction (Makkah) using Google Map

This is a web service, similar to Qibla Locator, to help find direction of Makkah or Qibla Direction (direction to face for muslims during their daily prayers) from any place on earth based on shortest distance or great circle calculation utilising Google Map.

gambar arah kiblat

Map's Center

Latitude: ?
Longitude: ?

Distance from Ka'bah:


Qibla Direction:

? degrees from North.

Determining Qibla Direction

Start by entering the name of your city and country (e.g. Kuala Lumpur, MY). For many countries and cities, you can even enter your street address (e.g. Rainbow St. 12, Kingsford, Sydney, AU). The qibla direction will be automatically calculated and displayed on the map.

You can also browse the map, zoom it in and out, to find your interested location and then click the desired place. A line will be drawn to indicate the direction of qibla or Ka'bah in Makkah.

The compass above will indicate the qibla direction as an angle relative to TRUE North (not compass North).

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