Islamic Hijri Calendar Widget - CD Case A

This widget's design was inspired by a real calendar design which take use of the CD case both as a packaging for the calendar as well as the stand. Now you can have it virtually sit on your blogs with added background animation.



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If you need assistance in displaying or embedding the widget on your blog, the following articles from Alhabib's Blog might be useful:

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  1. (of your homepage)
  2. TIP: The background color setting is just to give you an idea of how the calendar would look like on your blog or homepage.
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  4. TIP: Ummul Qura ist used in Saudi Arabia and many middle east countries.
  5. TIP: Use the date adjustment option to synchronise the displayed hijri date with the current date in your country. This option is provided because unfortunately there has been no UNIFIED, global islamic calendar to date.
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