Muslim Prayer Times Widget - Plain

It can also be called: daily Salat Times or Islamic Prayer Schedule widget. Now you can remind you and your blog's visitors about the importance of salat or praying to Allah.

With this configuration page, you can set up a daily prayer timetable for your place. It will generate a code that you can put or embed into your blogs and websites. Start by setting your place and then preview the widget or set advanced parameters to change the prayer times displayed.


  1. Simple location finder using Google Map.
  2. Automatic timezone detection for accurate prayer times.
  3. Customizable Fiqh (Juristic) Methods to match local prayer timetable.
  4. Practical information about Qibla direction and how to determine it using the sun (shadow).
  5. Available in several color themes.

Please note, that this widget is still in an experimental release. The code may not work on all blogging platforms or social networking sites. Please leave comment or suggestion for its improvement.

Brief Guide

  1. Start by finding your place using the form and map below. Enter the name of the place or combination of city + province (state). Examples: London or Solo, Central Java. The coordinate of your place will be automatically determined along with the time zone. If they are wrong you can change them.
  2. If you have found your location, proceed by clicking the GET WIDGET button. A preview of the prayer times widget will be presented below the button.
  3. Change the appearance of the widget by changing the options in the DISPLAY OPTION box. Clik the PREVIEW CHANGES button to see the changes you have made.
  4. Get the embed code or other options to place the widget on your blogs by clicking the BLOG ME button.
  5. If you need help, see the links on the sidebar.
Your Place
  • FIND your place or location on the map above!
  •   [?]
    Enter your local latitude coordinate in decimal (North positive, South negative).
  •   [?]
    Enter your local longitude coordinate in decimal (East positive, West negative).
  •   Change [?]
    This option adjust the displayed date to your timezone relative to UTC or Greenwich. It is automatically determined from your map location. But you can change it if it is incorrect.
>> Custom Prayer Settings
Advanced Settings
Display Options
  • pixels.
  • TIP: Click for post options or to get the embed code for your blog/web site.

    After clicking, please wait for a moment for the post dialog box to appear.