Prayer Timetables - Namaz Times Taif, Diourbel, Senegal

Map for location: Taif, Senegal

Place: Taif, Senegal. | Position: (14.789, -15.647). | Elevation: 52 m. | Time zone: GMT (UTC +00:00). | Qibla direction: 74° from North.

Prayer Times in Taif Today - 27-05-2024

Today's Prayer Times: Monday, May 27, 2024 - Taif, Senegal

Imsak Today05:05
Fajr Today05:15
Shuruq Today06:32
Dhuha Today06:58
Dhuhr Today13:03
'Asr Today16:23
Maghrib Today19:29
Isha' Today20:43

Times were calculated based on Muslim World League criterion.

Qibla Hour

Qibla direction for Taif, Senegal is 74° from geographical North (clock-wise). At 10:22, the sun is on the direction of qibla.

Monthly Prayer Timetable for Taif - Year 2024 AD

Yearly Prayer Timetable for Taif