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Place: East New York, United States. | Position: (40.681, -73.869). | Elevation: 10 m. | Time zone: EDT (UTC -04:00). | Qibla direction: 58° from North.

In the bustling city of Brooklyn, New York, our cutting-edge Muslim prayer times service stands as a beacon of convenience and accuracy for the vibrant Muslim community. Stay connected to your faith with our daily prayer timetable, meticulously updated to ensure precision and reliability. Here's why our service is an essential companion for your spiritual journey:

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Immerse yourself in the tranquility of your faith with our state-of-the-art prayer times service. We're not just a timetable; we're your daily companion on the path of spiritual fulfillment. Join us on this journey and elevate your prayer experience in the heart of Brooklyn, New York.

Prayer Times in East New York Today - 17-06-2024

Today's Prayer Times: Monday, June 17, 2024 - East New York, United States

Imsak Today03:14
Fajr Today03:24
Shuruq Today05:23
Dhuha Today05:58
Dhuhr Today13:00
'Asr Today16:58
Maghrib Today20:30
Isha' Today22:10

Times were calculated based on Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), USA criterion.

Qibla Hour

Qibla direction for East New York, United States is 58° from geographical North (clock-wise). At 14:37, the shadow of an upright object points to qibla direction.

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