Image Based Hijri Calendar Gallery

Some blogging sites do not allow embedding Flash movies as used in the main hijri calendar widget page. So, if the codes for flash based widgets do not work in your blog site, then you might want to try the image-based calendars below.

Such cases are true, for example, if you try to put the flash-based islamic calendar widgets on your free wordpress blog. The flash-based islamic calendar widgets or the islamic clock widgets will not show up or work.

The followings are image-based widget that should work on free wordpress or other restrictive blogs. However, there are currently only limited choices here.

I hope you find these usefull...

Follow these steps:

1. Choose the style (color) of your calendar.
2. Choose the position of the calendar.  left position
No Preferences
left position

3. The embed code is above if you prefer to insert the widget manually. Just copy and paste into the HTML source code of your web page.

What do you think about this service?