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Introduction [+]

This page will help you create or generate Salat Times or Islamic Prayer Schedule for the current year or any year of choice. The prayer time schedule generated by this page can be viewed online or saved as PDF and Excel document. This choice will hopefully allow muslims to customise the prayer time table to their like and needs. Now you can remind yourself about the importance of salat or praying to Allah.

Features [+]

  1. Simple location finder using Google Map.
  2. Automatic timezone detection for accurate prayer times.
  3. Customizable Fiqh (Juristic) Methods to match local prayer timetable.
  4. Practical information about Qibla direction and how to determine it using the sun (shadow).

Brief Guide [+]

  1. Find your place using the form and/or map below. The coordinate of your place will be automatically determined along with the timezone and elevation. Review them, and correct if necessary.
  2. Click the CREATE TIMETABLE button to proceed with muslim prayer timetable creation. WAIT for a moment. Another set of buttons will appear, each allowing you to view, download the PDF or download the Excel formatted muslim prayer timetable.

Notes [+]

This Muslim Prayer Times Generator uses modified codes from ArPHP Project for the computation of the prayer times. We add 4 minutes to the noon time (zawal) to determine the midday, Zhuhr, prayer time. This is done to conform to the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad that it is prohibited to offer prayer at exactly noon time. Please leave comment or suggestion for its improvement.

Your Place
FIND your place below, or DRAG / CLICK your location on the map above!
  • [?]
    Enter address, city and country or coordinate. Example: Jl. Merdeka Barat, Jakarta or Pahang, Malaysia or Brisbane, AU or 21.45,39.85 (latitude,longitude in decimal).
  •   [?]
    Enter your local latitude coordinate in decimal (North positive, South negative).
  •   [?]
    Enter your local longitude coordinate in decimal (East positive, West negative).
  •   Change [?]
    This option adjust the displayed date to your timezone relative to UTC or Greenwich. It is automatically determined from your map location. But you can change it if it is incorrect.
  • meters. [?]
    Enter the elevation of the place above sea level in meters. Mostly affects the sunrise/sunset calculations.
  • Timetable Options [?]
    Enter year for which the prayer times is calculated.
  • [?]
    Selecting yes will show Qibla Hour information in the muslim prayer timetable generated. Qibla Hour is the time in the day when the sun is at the direction of Ka'bah in Makkah or when the sun is directly in opposite direction to the Qibla. Thus, by observing the sun's shadow at that times, you can determine the direction of prayer for the location specified.
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